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Re: samurai sword ban in ireland

Subject: Re: samurai sword ban in ireland
by warrior288 on 2009/9/16 18:59:06

We have just received an e-mail from the Department of Justice inviting us to give our views on a review of current legislation.

A chara,

You will be aware that a number of crimes have been committed using what
has been described as 'samurai swords'. The Department of Justice,
Equality and Law Reform has received representations from TDs and members
of the public that such weapons should be banned. We are presently
reviewing the current legislation.

The Department does not wish to unnecessarily restrict or adversely impact
on cultural, sporting or dramatic activities. We would welcome your views
and submissions on this issue. The term 'samurai sword', though in popular
usage, is problematic in that it refers only to swords made during the
samurai era in Japan. It clearly does not refer to the types of swords
being used in violent crimes. We are open to any better suggestions you
might put forward.

We are also looking at providing exemptions for martial arts practioners
and would be interested in your views of how this would work. Would
specific swords be exempted based on how they are manufactured or would one
need to be a registered club member to purchase a sword?

We might put a meeting together in early February where we could discuss
these matters. In the meantime, I would be grateful if you would consider
the issue and get back to me with your comments.
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