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Re: Ninjutsu Website That is Pretty Cool

Subject: Re: Ninjutsu Website That is Pretty Cool
by Hayseed on 2010/3/29 16:11:06

Thank you Mr Gambatte. It is clear that you're very intelligent and wise in your years. You also have a large degree of tact and respect, and I welcome you to talk to me anytime. After reading your two posts, I not only agreed with 95% of what you said, I also have a deeper sense of respect for your insights.
I had also considered learning to read and write Japanese...and I have several books on those very subjects.

I hope that you take my advice to heart and while I understand that you're eager to share, I would think it would be alot more satisfying to share something you yourself took part in.

also....I have way too much content (Still to upload) and too many necessary features for a blog to handle.
You've obviously looked through the website and found some things to be of informative value....and I'm sure that you've seen things that you think is ridiculous...so join if you already haven't and help me to make the site better....I am always willing to edit and improve to maintain accuracy.
As for the Hollywood Ninja...They have some good ideas that can be adapted...that's all. My website revolves more around actual skills that can be adapted to ninja. Like US Military, Private Detective, ect...

I think there's a misunderstanding, I don't condone putting many of the kinds of things that you have on your site out for general consumption. Nearly everything on the site is dangerous enough to get you killed or at the very least arrested. Also, having served in the US Navy, I'm more than a little unnerved by this page...


I find it difficult to surmise how someone who served as a U.S. Army Ranger would be so helpful in showing anyone who can read how to infiltrate our armed forces. People's lives, real people stand to be negatively affected by this, people you count yourself among. Seriously, I should hope to god that the Dept. of Homeland Security doesn't happen across your site as much of the info on there could be construed as "domestic terrorism".

I wanted to be helpful and encouraging in the hopes that you would begin to take your infatuation(negative and unhealthy) and turn it into a passion(positive and healthy), but it seems like you really just want to sell people your website. Here's a tip, people on the internet don't like to pay for things. Especially when those things don't really amount to anything but already free and publicly available material.

Good luck with your website and I hope you don't get arrested!

BTW "Gambatte" is a Japanese word that means something like "keep at it!" or "keep going/trying", it isn't my name.
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