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Re: Disturbing trend...

Subject: Re: Disturbing trend...
by dseago on 2010/6/8 11:04:24

Very good points, Duncan. If someone can't get to Japan consistently and there are plenty of shidoshi & shihan in one's region who do, there doesn't seem to be much cause to look outside one's own area for training guidance and ranking. . .

I've been asked occasionally to assume that role for people. Only actually did it twice, both were unmitigated disasters. The last shidoshi-ho I accepted (18 years ago) turned out to be doing drugs, illegally bringing loaded firearms to classes, and using a kids' class he was teaching to try to pick up single MILFS. (or more accurately MHLFs). . .and it was the management of the place where he rented training space that brought this to my attention and asked about his status as a -ho.

I do have someone in another area right now setting up a training group as a shidoshi-ho because he needs bodies to experiment on. However, he "grew up" to sandan in my dojo before relocating out of the area; still considers me his teacher and wants me to guide his progress; and his job brings him frequently back to San Francisco on business, which makes it easy for me to keep tabs on how he's coming along. I really know him, and know I can trust him. Seems more natural this way.
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