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Re: Disturbing trend...

Subject: Re: Disturbing trend...
by Papa-san on 2010/6/8 11:56:46

After 4th dan I was not aware that anyone except Dr. Hatsumi could give grading. We can give our recommendation and that is all. Am I mistaken in this? I have a number of times made recommendations, not that often but for a few people who have later had their rank increased again by Sensei. I do believe that with very few exceptions this has been the reality. I never make such a recommendation lightly but will when the situation warrants it in my opinion. There is no monetary gain in any of these as all that goes to Dr. Hatsumi. So why is there these insinuations? In the case of "Scotland" are there those who would seek from personal reasons to hinder what another gets even though he has earned it? I remember the advice to "follow the money" but if there IS no money then what is the reason, is it just anothers ego? I am very curious about this.
I would point out that this is directed at NEITHER Dale or Duncan as I know both these gents well and respect them. Most of my disgust is directed at the keyboard warriors that seem to inhabit almost all clubs on the internet. The reason I continue to post on Kutaki is that it has been relatively free of the worst of this.
A person can complain about a situation but if a workable solution is not offered then that complaining is pointless.

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