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Re: Being "good" at budo...

Subject: Re: Being "good" at budo...
by ElfTengu on 2010/11/12 22:05:22

Try to think how your deep postures might or might not be practical or applicable in a scenario like this:


Actually there are some fairly low stable yet mobile postures in effect here, but look at aspects such as how what look like quite brutal tobi geri do not have any more than a momentary effect on the 'recipient'. I think some people would be shocked at how much punishment people can take and keep fighting, and our art isn't even one that focusses on knockout punches. This clip also shows that the bad guys can actually be more skilled than we sometimes assume the average street scumbag will be.

How would your training help you if you were one of the security guards shown here? Be honest, imagine yourself going into ichmonji, would you avoid be taken out from some angles?
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