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Re: Being "good" at budo...

Subject: Re: Being "good" at budo...
by ElfTengu on 2010/11/13 4:55:40

I think BBT has pretty much everything you need for modern times, it just isn't trained often enough with modern times in mind.

It is not unreasonable to assume that in 1600AD they were not clinging to 1400AD ways of doing things, and it is only the massive leaps in technology and life in general in the latter half of the 20th and early 21st century, that make people uncomfortable leaving all the fascinating historical material behind, making their training something more akin to a hobby or academic historical study, rather than a living relevant evolving art.

Do modern armies study kenjutsu, naginata, kyjutsu, sojutsu? No.

If there had been automatic weapons, laser guided missiles, and air support in the sengoku jidai would we even have anything to study along the lines of what we have from that period? No.

People should really just come out of their respective closet and admit what their focus is. If you are stuck in 1540 trying to replicate what they were doing back then, then your own BBT toolbox cannot possibly end up as relevant and applicable as the practitioners who make BBT-derived goshinjutsu their primary focus.

And even then, yes it is a longer path than in some other arts before a student can handle themselves using real taijutsu principles, but how long? You would think 70 years by the way some people talk. The historical warrior lived in the now, and to survive each day would have focussed entirely on what they needed and nothing more.

Jeet Kune Do's motto is "Absorb what is useful, discard the rest".

BBT's motto seems to be "Try to absorb everything, some of it is not relevant but still interesting, and there is far too much material for you to ever be any good at a large proportion of it, and don't worry about sparring etc, or other martial arts or the modern world, just have faith, and when the time comes you will be transformed into the ultimate warrior and flow through your enemies like a knife through butter, trust me on this"

Personally I think Jeet Kune Do's approach would have been the approach of the musha shugyosha, but today people are such collectors that they don't want to discard anything, but this is a luxury of the modern world.
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