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Re: Being "good" at budo...

Subject: Re: Being "good" at budo...
by ElfTengu on 2010/11/13 8:34:03


Yamazu wrote:
I kinda don't see why these 1540 model and Goshinjutsu model might need to cancel each other out... The way I see it we should start from the 1540's, and then we may Goshinjutsufy it as much as we feel the need.

But, in my point of view, the 1540's needs to be there to keep the things in perspective, or soon one might find oneself doing some other type of thing completely.

After 25 years of training I still haven't found there's something missing.... Keep on going, as it is said

I don't disagree, I just believe that the skills required to survive today if need be, even if rudimentary, are more important than 600 year old kata waza in the early days of a student's training.

Get some basic goshinjutsu down with some kihon, just in case the student needs it on the way home, and then over time fine tune it, build some of the full curriculum into it, add techniques, henka, finer principles etc, and then finally as a nice-to-have, look at the material which is interesting but not very useful.

But this is only if the student's reason for training is leaning towards self protection. If they are just doing it for fun or fantasy, or out of genuine historical interest without caring about modern day application, then fair enough, it is up to them, but they mustn't complain when they get knocked on their backside.
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