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Re: First Class

Subject: Re: First Class
by ElfTengu on 2011/7/29 19:17:24

My first class as a student: 1986, a church hall in Hove, Sussex, UK, on summer leave from a brief spell in the army. Rolling on hard parquet floor, up and down the hall, everyone in outdoor tabi, Japanese, not the copies that flooded the market later. Techniques that I would later know as oni kudaki and musha dori with my overly compliant best mate who had found the club, known at the time as Bujinkan South Coast. Standing in jumonji and being kicked with zempo geri at the point where the arms cross and then doing it back to my partner, up and down the hall. My first experience of jodan uke, failing again and again to hit the incoming arm, flailing wide of the mark every time.

My first teaching experience of running my own class? In about one month's time! It will not be a memory as such, as it will be very fresh, but I can report back if anyone is interested. I am setting it up to get more training for myself, rather than from any strong desire to teach (see another current thread on this topic).
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