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Re: First Class

Subject: Re: First Class
by NYorker on 2011/8/1 14:53:13


You couldn't be more correct, the ego problem is something I encounter often as there are many self-proclaimed MMA practitioners in my area (young military folk mainly) that are blind to the real essence of taijutsu and combat and only focus on strength, speed and sloppy technique requiring great amounts of energy. I see this all the time, it is very disappointing, but I remain quiet, to each his own I suppose, I don't think its my place to correct someone else on what they do or what they train in.


Soke blew you out of the water eh? Tell me about it! When I actually saw him in person, after just over a year of studying budo and then I am standing in the Hombu watching him and the Shihan...it was like being a kid and watching a magician for the first time. I am humbled and honored to have had the opportunity to meet and train under him and the Japanese Shihan as I will be for years to come.

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