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Re: Interesting questions (I think)

Subject: Re: Interesting questions (I think)
by skuggvarg on 2013/3/9 23:56:25

Dear Mr. Esteban,

Those are some very interesting questions indeed.
Before answering them one by one I would like to point out a few things I think is important.

These questions do not limit themselves to the Ryu-ha of the Bujinkan but are similar to most Koryu. The answer to the questions can be found by studying general books on japanese budo.

Anyways, here are my thoughts:

1. Japanes martial arts change over time, from weapon oriented to unarmed, mostly due to changes in society. During the Meiji and modern era, many traditional schools Went extinct and those that did survive changed quite dramatically. Who needs to study sword or spear these Days? This is probably true also for our Ryu-ha. Look at Takagi Ryu for example. It used to include more weapons. Also, the ryu-ha of the shinobi probably focused more on getting out of danger and on smaller, concealable weapons. There is a way of doing the unarmed that makes it possible to use arms as well. Further, there are more weapons in the Ryu-ha of the Bujinkan than most seem to Think.

2. Mostly you would focus on good strikes and naturally, if you land one such strike on your opponent with your sword or spear, its game over. No need for more complicated stuff. Today we seem to want to practise the advanced waza more than the basic stuff (remember Tsuki, Uke, Keri). Also, the kata hide important lessons that can be used to attack or defend. The attack could be done Before Uke attacks, at the same time or after; it is still the same kata. Also, one should not neglect the Uke side of each waza. Uke should practise on his attacks as well. Think for example about the various ways of attacking in Gyokko Ryu that Uke does. It Changes from waza to waza.

This is but a small scratch on the Surface of this great topic and I hope many more will contribute to the discussion.

Regards / Skuggvarg

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