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Re: Interesting questions (I think)

Subject: Re: Interesting questions (I think)
by Fnord325 on 2013/3/10 15:17:45

These are good questions for people to consider if they are not familiar with kobudo or koryu.

In iaijutsu schools, there is the omote and ura of kata. Without going into too much detail, the omote is what is showed to the public, while the ura is what is "more realistic." When you are showed these kuden, then the entire character of the school can change dramatically.

The same is true for the schools in the Bujinkan. Hatsumi sensei has frequently showed the ura and omote of kata at Daikomoyosai, and some of these are on video.

The mention of the two Koto Ryu kata are good examples of when things flip, and you see "offensive" movement.

This is why it is so important to get competent instruction, so that your teacher can eventually point these things out when you are ready.

My experience in the Bujinkan and other budo has shown me that these arts are very, very deep and always shifting, for all their tradtion.
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