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Re: Interesting questions (I think)

Subject: Re: Interesting questions (I think)
by Fnord325 on 2013/3/11 10:30:25


koryu wrote:
Thank you for your contributions, I am enjoying.
And waitiing for new ones.
Just a little note before leaving yourselves to continue.
I think what has come down to us from the old schools is
only the soup of the soup of the soup, lots of water and little substance.
Don't you think so?
Yet we still like it and try to figure out how should be
the authentic flavor.

With some schools that might be the case. If you can find the right teachers in the Bujinkan, their is plenty of substance.

Some schools of iaido definitely seemed to have lost their deeper meanings and applications and have replaced it with spiritual mumbo jumbo.

This has happened in a lot of karate as well. Although there are many schools returning to their roots to figure things out.

I think this is why Hatsumi sensei was speaking so much about kaname recently. Make sure you understand the essential points. Therefore, find good teachers.
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