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Re: Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art

Subject: Re: Masaaki Hatsumi: Dojo Art
by Celius on 2013/3/30 9:18:11

I'll take a bit of the role of devils advocate here.

Why traditional publishing, why kickstarter, why that amount?

Self-publishing would mean incredibly low cost, no pre-printing books, and I'm certain spreading word would be easy, most of us buy anything from or about Soke, and getting it into online stores wouldn't be difficult either (Amazon for example, support Print-On-Demand books from many places, such as Lulu).

Certainly artists and others working on the book should be paid, but if most of the $55.000 is going towards simply producing the book, it feels like that money could have been spent on other things.

As for me, I'll be supporting the kickstarter campaign, because I'd like to see the book published, and it seems to be the only option to getting the book published.
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