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Instrictor attitudes on students training with other instructors.

Subject: Instrictor attitudes on students training with other instructors.
by Papa-san on 2013/8/12 10:30:38

I keep hearing how "my instructor says I can only train with him (or her). I find this a very sad attitude on the part of an instructor, why? Well first of all none of us are good at everything or know it all. Each instructor will have focused on certain parts of our art where they may be quite good -- and even good at teaching that part. I make a distinction because the two are not always true. Just having real skill does not mean you have the skill to teach it. This is why I personally feel that seeing a number of good instructors gives the student the best opportunity for learning. Find out who is known to be good at a certain area and train with them on that specific area. That way you can avoid the lost time and effort that instructor went through to get where he/she is. Continue to train with one dojo and rely on your instructor for your rank advancement, but don't limit yourself to what he/she is good at. See and train with other good instructors. It is in this cooperative community that the best chance for growth and improvement of skills resides. Any comments?

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