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Re: Nutrition and Martial Arts.

Subject: Re: Nutrition and Martial Arts.
by NYorker on 2013/8/26 7:54:05


I believe that most people attempt to compensate for low physical strength or athletic ability with a martial art and that is what initially drives them to take any type of training. This unfortunately can lead to a potentially deadly false sense of security once this person trains for a little while and believes their techniques or lessons learned will apply universally in a combat/self-defense situation.

Also, "self-defense" is not the same as "martial art", often misunderstood to be interchangeable.

"I am highly trained in this martial art/school/style therefore, I can defend myself if necessary." is often not true, probably almost opposite to actual combat.

A good teacher of any school will acknowledge and profess the capabilities and applications as well as the limitations of whatever they teach their students.

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