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Re: Kutaki Access - Important!

Subject: Re: Kutaki Access - Important!
by Unsubscribed on 2006/4/14 10:18:31


noname wrote:
The new membership card rule makes sense to me. A Bujinkan oriented/operated website, for discussion of Bujinkan related/oriented topics, should almost be obligated to adhere to Bujinkan rules.

What rules pertain to internet discussion forums? Is there a rule prohibiting Bujinkan members from online discussions on open forums?

Is there a rule about only training with Bujinkan members? Is there even a rule that says you can only teach Bujinkan members (if you're a teacher)?

Bujinkan rules apply to Bujinkan members, not martial arts (or even Bujinkan arts) discussion forums, IMO.

Oh, well, it's virtually a done deal now. How do I delete my membership?

moderator's note: account deleted on request.
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