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Re: Kutaki Access - Important!

Subject: Re: Kutaki Access - Important!
by WolfClan on 2006/4/14 10:38:11

Well I know that this, with many of my other posts, will not be considered very important as I view many attitudes have become elitist on this board. I simply cannot believe with how UNcertain the future of the Bujinkan is, with most likely no next grandmaster and an uncertainty of how things will be run- that we would shut out the board to those that arent in the "club".

While I disagreed with some on posts and agreed with others, I found Kutaki to be one of the BEST overall sites on the net for good Bujinkan and OTHER martial arts discussions.

But, this utter El Torro Poo Poo (BS) about the quality of posts improving by not allowing non-bujin to post is leaving me without words to describe the absolute RETARDEDNESS of the idea.

In my opinion, which is probably extremely low here, some of the lowest "quality" of posts I have read have come from registered members on this board. I will not point fingers or name names because I am sure others view my posts as that, which is fine, but it is a sad day to think we as bujinkaners are better than others.

How egocentric do members of this art have to become to think that the views and ideas of others arent important? I guess thats because I'm a different type of Shidoshi-Kai member that believes a little more in free thinking and spirit to develop a students COGNITIVE ability to function, think and become a GOOD LEADER of the society they live in. Hence why I am sure this post will not go over well and I will be flamed, ridiculed and told I do not know as much as others.

That is correct, I do not know as much as others- which is why I enjoy a good debate here and there, like to learn what others have to say and see if I agree or disagree. I like to learn other perspectives of other martial artists, not just Bujinkan Clones.

I have been a member of the Shidoshi-kai since 98/99 and never bothered to scan my card to gain access to the Shidoshi Kai forum just for this reason. As everyone says how this is Hatsumi's art (which is funny cause I thought it was EVERYones art, not just one person AND I thought the provinces in Japan back 1,000+ years ago invented what is known as the bujinkan, not just one person- but as usual i am WRONG), but I find it funny how it is HE that has the trade mark, stamp of approval etc. etc. on this art and I do not see as to why a NON SOKE has any right to ask ME to scan in MY card simply to be on a FORUM.

And just to clarify so some might get a better understanding of my perspective. I have been training In martial arts for over 15 of my 27 years on this planet and teaching for 13 of those. I have spent 11 great years in the Bujinkan and have traveled to Japan many times. As stated I have been a member of the Shidoshi Kai since 98/99 and I use what I have trained in for real life- as in posts you might have seen I am a law enforcement Officer. I say this not to "toot my own horn" but to give you a glimpse into the life of one of the soon to be FORMER members of this board- maybe I do have a bit of experience that others may learn from, but probably not because I havent been training for X years and dont have Y rank.

I hope this "decision" is rethought and non-bujinkan are allowed to post here.

If not, I hope your discussions are more enlightened than my bitterness I am sure you feel is in this post (which it is) and that Bujinkan becomes the only art out there. Because apparently there is nothing else?!

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