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Re: Kutaki Access - Important!

Subject: Re: Kutaki Access - Important!
by mrdunsky on 2006/4/14 11:56:56


WolfClan wrote:
...I simply cannot believe with how UNcertain the future of the Bujinkan is, with most likely no next grandmaster and an uncertainty of how things will be run...

While this is not on topic, some would say that it is the lack of orgainzation of the Bujinkan that guarantees it's survival. There is no orgainzation to fall apart or run into trouble. If Soke is not worried, then neither am I.

There is no surprise that people who post on line can be considered elitists is there? Only people who have passionate feelings about what they do would bother to read and include themself in the threads here. Sure we all have our own particular point of view with so many being different from mine. I liken it to one of my favorite George Carlin bits, roughly paraphrased he said that there are 2 kinds of drivers on the highway. There are either the Idiots going slower than you, or the Maniacs going faster than you.

I know that I would never be an idiot or a maniac, but believe it or not, sometimes people disagree with me of all people!

Just as in taijutsu, the world gets a whole lot better when we don't take it too seriously!

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