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Re: Kutaki Access - Important!

Subject: Re: Kutaki Access - Important!
by Cuthalion on 2006/4/14 18:02:37

Hey Allz,

I saw many serious concerns here, and -maybe because I am "on the safe side", and also as I don't possess a bright mind- I still think you overcomplicate the whole issue, it is much more simple in my opinion.

Is posting on this forum important for you? Then do the necessary steps. Scan your card. Don't you have a card? Join the Bujinkan. If I really want something I go for it and do everything that needs to be done to achieve my goal.
Don't you want to bother with scanning/obtaining your card, the whole thing does not worth it? You've set up your priorities, you brought a decision, so accept its conclusions as well.

Just some facts to reconsider:

- this is a Bujinkan discussion board
- thus (as Shawn wrote) it inevitably represents the Bujinkan towards the outsider world, not matter who posts what (member or non-member - as was also pointed out)
- it's not us who manage the whole stuff, so we don't have an idea about that part of the coin
- the person who runs the board is automatically kind of responsible for what is on it - this is something he can't avoid
When I read that he was asked about the posts in the dojo, and others even visited him in the middle of the night (which I think is kind of rude, but anyway) I went like "holy sh..! I would not like to be in his shoes!" After a few cases like that I would probably have completely shut down the whole thing. We still have it cos the person responsible chose to apply more control and ties the board up on a shorter leash. Absolutely logical (and brave) step in my very humble opinion. Would you have done the same?

So consider it again please.

Enjoy this board? Care to be able to post in any forums? - Scan/obtain your card.
It does not worth that much for you? - It's not such a high priority for you, no problem. You still have access to some topics within Kutaki discussion board. Which means non-members can also post at those topics (as far as I understood), they can share their valuable or less valuable views.

Where is the problem, people??? Try to see the long-run interest of the whole discussion board (if it's important for you) instead of focusing merely on your own personal conveniences.

And now you can start bashing me for being a simp or elitist, I don't care, I overcome obstacles more easily this way.

P.s.: Unbelieveable that we are still chewing on this...
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