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Re: Important Notice Regarding Blacklisting of Individuals

Subject: Re: Important Notice Regarding Blacklisting of Individuals
by Darren on 2008/5/12 6:07:06

Not necessarily picking any sides here, but...

First it was "don't train with so-n-so because they aren't a Shidoshi".

Then came, "don't train with Shidoshi so-n-so because they haven't been to Japan". (passed Godan at local Tai Kai)

Then, it became "don't train with Shidoshi/Shihan so-n-so because they don't go to Japan regularly".

Then, "don't train with Shidoshi/Shihan so-n-so because they teach differently than what goes on in Japan".

Now, I am hearing "don't train with Shihan so-n-so because Shihan so-n-who says not to train with them".

Again, I'm not picking sides so much as just illustrating how confusing and distracting all this would be to someone WHO JUST WANTS TO TRAIN. Hell, it would seem that no matter who you train with, somebody is probably telling someone NOT to train with them.

When is this all going to stop? Should there be a yearly directory produced or active site page detailing who's ok to train with?

Spreading information like this without it being an official publication from Soke seems to only feed the monster. There is the wall of Shihan plaques hanging at Hombu, right? If their plaque is still on the wall, then wouldn't that be a good list?

It would seem anything outside of that is just political power playing and opinions. Or, is it a form of quality control, or social conditioning, to shape what goes on within the social structure - without a black and white approach of listing someone as "in" or "out", or "gets it" or "doesn't get it"?

Boy, I would think it would be terribly confusing for the vast majority of honest Bujinkan students worldwide to feel comfortable in who they train with. Does any of this affect the attitudes they have about their instructor/teacher?
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