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Re: Kutaki Access

Subject: Re: Kutaki Access
by kouryuu on 2006/6/19 20:42:19

A big block of time has gone by since my last post in this thread - the programmer who was going to do the Shidoshikai access module for us fell ill and was therefore unable to do it. That left it to me to tweak and pick away at it little by little in my spare time.

After a huge push today to get it done, I think its finally workable. So everyone who has been waiting to update your 2006 Shidoshikai cards, and those who have been waiting to get into the Shidoshikai forum for the first time - you're now able to do so. For those who still have Shidoshikai forum access based on 2005 membership cards, you'll be able to access the forum until the end of July, after which time access will be revoked pending the upload of 2006 cards.

With this module now working, the next thing on the horizon is general Bujinkan Membership Cards, which we first mentioned back in November, I think it was - where general discussion forums on Kutaki will only be open to those who submit general Bujinkan membership cards. This idea generated a lot of discussion, with people expressing views both for and against the idea. We are still planning to go ahead with it, at least for a few months to see how it goes and what changes, if any, result from it.

Thanks, and I hope you continue to enjoy the site.

Shawn Gray
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