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Re: American Liabilty Insurance????

Subject: Re: American Liabilty Insurance????
by NYorker on 2013/8/16 12:50:16

I recommend you have your liability waiver reviewed and signed (notarized) by your local notary public who acts as an official government witness. This should be free of charge and affords you a great deal of protection. Will require students to sign the lease in person at the notary office, usually at the DMV, county clerk or courthouse.

Athletes sign notarized waivers all the time in schools, intramural sports, independent clubs etc. and most martial arts are considered "sports" under legal terminology in the USA. Ju Jitsu guys and boxers break bones all the time. Trainers, coaches and sparring partners are not liable at all.

Talk to your local government about it, your taxes are paying them for exactly this type of service.

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