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Art materials

Subject: Art materials
by NYorker on 2013/12/3 12:38:39

Greetings all,
My brother wants some art supplies for Christmas and I want to get him a setup like Soke uses when he paints for students during class; oil, paint, the powder mix, mixing dishes, brushes and rice paper. I am lacking in the terminology for these items so forgive me for that.

He paints landscapes and wants to get into calligraphy. If anyone could recommend an online store for this material I can order from I'd appreciate it. If I were in Japan is just walk down the block from the hombu to the store everyone goes to.

Another option, (and this is a stretch) would be if anyone in Japan were willing to go shopping locally to buy and ship the stuff to me in the US I could send you the money via PayPal plus extra for your time and effort.

Email me for fastest response if possible, thanks!
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