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Re: Randori

Subject: Re: Randori
by bigshadow on 2004/10/23 1:37:46


Masahiko wrote:
Lets get serious for a minute. A fight is not a plesant experiance. there is nothing comfortable about fighting. First of all there is the risk of great bodily harm. secondly there is the complete and utter exhustuion that you feel once the adrenaline dump goes. Thirdly there is the phycological insecurty that follows (wondering where the next attacker is?, how do i get out of here?, what should i do?)

Speaking about the adrenaline dump and controlling emotion, you may find this link helpful. Our type of training would be called a response method rather than a reflex method of training. See this article on how our type of training controls the release of adrenaline into the system...


As for the psychological aspect of it. I think that some forms of paintball (there are many different game types) such as scenario games will simulate the psychological aspects that you described. Of course if you have a massive adrenaline dump, things get very confusing and chaotic due to the reduction in awareness (tunnel vision) and the reduction of fine muscle control. The article explains it well and I would have to disagree with you concerning paintball. Computer games, well I think I would agree with you because of the fact that games such as video games are games of the mind. Paintball on the other hand has the physical aspect to it, such as exhaustion, running, the suspense or fear of being attacked from anywhere. These things add to the realism just as much as a judo match.

To use your argument about fear of bodily harm, what is the worst you have to fear in a judo competition? A broken arm? or Death? Heck, superman reeves was paralyzed in a horse riding competion... that wasn't combat? So yes, BAD things can happen in virtually safe environments. But they are rare.

Anyway, that is my .2 cents worth.

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