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Re: ZNKR iaido v. Bujinkan kenpo

Subject: Re: ZNKR iaido v. Bujinkan kenpo
by Yamazu on 2005/7/31 17:35:39

Kabutoki wrote:
that is a very interesting and difficult question. You would compare the the Bujinkan with it´s seemingly (at least to me) almost unlimited number of techniques based on a considerably lower number of principles and the very tight curriculum of 12 techniques found in ZNKR Iaidô.

One could also consider, that the Iaî-katas, and the Daishô-Katas are the Omote, and then the competition "form" is the Ura, or the "numerous Henka of ZNKR". They have to start somewhere, but how far do they go? In the end, though, it is more a sport - IMHO - than "clean" Budô, hence the.. studying/handling of forms might well be different.

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