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Re: Sparring equals stress testing

Subject: Re: Sparring equals stress testing
by Ninho on 2005/9/29 6:23:37

Once you set parameters for the altercation you're trying to replicate, in this case squaring off, your results are “proof” only in engagements that have those parameters. Since the real world is unpredictable, I see sparring mainly as a tool for developing attributes of speed, timing and other important things. That is ALL it is good for and it proves nothing unless the engagement on the street closely resembles it and in many cases experience has shown that the real world does NOT resemble that. What you're suggesting is, IMHO, a breeding ground for the mindset of symmetrical fighting, as opposed to assymetrical combat (the latter is what I've been taught being the preferable alternative, i.e. stacking the odds in your favour rather than slugging it out with someone to see whom is the toughest).

Tobias Goldstein
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