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Re: Teaching methods

Subject: Re: Teaching methods
by Cuthalion on 2006/3/15 18:27:11


DCWeidman wrote:

Honestly - if you don't trust your instructor, then the relationship is suffering (probably beyond repair) from more problems then you are citing.

Find someone else, or find something else.

I think he should be careful with this. In my very humble opinion and by my experiences a beginner with less than a year of training behind can't judge the instructor's skills with an unquestionable safety. I think it needs just more time. (Unless the guy is such a wannabe and his bullshitting is so obvious.)


DCWeidman wrote:

Best advice is to catch a couple of seminars in your area and check their movement against your instructors. If they are way off... perhaps it is time to get another instrutor.

Yes, that can be a safe point to examine things from. I'd recommend the same. However he still has to have a flexible point of view while checking out other instructors, as we all know that each instructor/shihan has his/her own style, which manifests in their movement. So their movements will be somewhat different which in itself does not mean that they are any better or that his instructor is any worse than the others.
It sometimes confuses people.

Just the other side of the coin...

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