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Training in the "now"

Subject: Training in the "now"
by Papa-san on 2008/6/16 1:02:24

When you are doing a technique on your uke, what are you thinking about? Are you focused on what you saw demonstrated? Are you focused on what you want to happen? Or are you paying close attention to what is occurring at that moment. There are very few persons in our art who would deliberately injure another person in training, and yet injures do occur. We all know that a little pain is how we know that this will work when done for real, but too often good people do injure their uke ---- without ever meaning too. Just possibly this is what happens when your mind is not in the "now" but focused on either the past,(what you saw) or the future, (what you want to happen).
When training stay in the "now", pay very close attention to what your uke is feeling and how s/he is responding. You can become aware enough this way to have them feel the effectiveness and still not cause them injury.
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