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Re: Training in the "now"

Subject: Re: Training in the "now"
by Darren on 2008/6/16 3:50:37

Jack once told us (my paraphrase here) that taijutsu is like pulling out onto the freeway. You don't just punch it and rip out into the mix of cars - surely you would cause quite an accident.

Likewise, you don't just creep out into the lanes, stop and look around, and just go about your own pace/way. That would also cause quite the accident (especially on the Jersey turnpike!).

Instead, you speed up to find the pace of traffic and find the correct space to merge into gently, while matching the speed of everybody else around you. Once there, you can adjust to move into spaces around you so that you can be in whatever lanes you wish.

In order to do this, you must be in the "now". But, you also have a purpose in mind (where you want to go) and a foundation of skills to enable you to operate your vehicle in an effective and safe manner (clears throat).

It's a balance to be in the "now", while holding on to some assemblance of what 'should' happen (i.e. specific kata). But, it's in the adaptiveness of the "now" that makes the likelihood of what 'should' happen - happen. That's the benefit of experience and correct training.
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