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Re: Training in the "now"

Subject: Re: Training in the "now"
by Darren on 2008/6/16 15:42:49


D_Cecc wrote:
To build on the analogy......

Would you say that a race car driver is not "in the now", simply because hes going 200+ mph ?

No, I'd say he is even more "in the now". Any slight misdirection of thought, misjudge of things, etc is more likely to cause greater accidents - because things are moving so fast and adjustments/corrections need to be done even more subtle (i.e. easy to overcorrect, for example).

I've raced enough patrol cars in my day, with lights and sirens blaring, to know exactly what this means. Add to that having to always know what direction I was heading (North, South, etc) and what intersections I've passed and am heading towards - meanwhile being sensitive to what idiots may pull out in front of you, what the suspect may throw out the window or shoot back at you, and on and on.

Yeah, in those moments, you REALLY need to be "in the now"...
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