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Re: Training in the "now"

Subject: Re: Training in the "now"
by dseago on 2008/6/17 0:13:53


Papa-san wrote:
I've heard Jack give that same excellent analogy Darren. Here's another thought since most of us have heard Dr Hatsumi say that the mistake most people make is to train too fast, right? Well I think many interpreted that to mean train slow so we don't injure our uke. What if there is a deeper reason? What if he also meant that we must become much more aware of the situation our uke is in and the best way to develope that is to train slow? Just maybe it is another effort to help us become more aware in what we are doing.

Ed, I always felt that was an equally important reason for training slowly at first. Since we agree here, of course you must be right.

Darren, great analogy with the police pursuit example.
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