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Re: which time intervalls for the single kyu/dan-examinations?

Subject: Re: which time intervalls for the single kyu/dan-examinations?
by Papa-san on 2008/11/14 22:01:28

Rank and "ranking" is something each instructor must address. It their "ranking" is not related to the persons skills that instructor will lose creditability. For myself the kyu ranks are a time when the instructor evaluates the student's "heart" and the student gains the basic skills as shown in ukemi, san shin, and kihon happo. By the time sho-dan is awarded the student must be known to have a "good heart" and have those basic skills that will enable them to move on. Rank, IMO, should never be based solely on time, it should be based on what the student does, their skill level. Each instructor has their own idea about this and so there will be a lot of difference in what a person of a given rank will be capable of doing. Bear in mind that if it is too far from what should be, it is his/her instructor who will lose creditability. The student deserves the best that his/her instructor can give them, they deserve honest evaluation. If what has been learned works in a real situation then they have been taught well if not, then there was a failure. This art is a very pragmatic art, again in my opinion. It does work and it does adapt to whatever the situation requires.
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