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Re: which time intervalls for the single kyu/dan-examinations?

Subject: Re: which time intervalls for the single kyu/dan-examinations?
by Leam on 2008/11/15 20:16:07

Two related questions. First, is there any better value in keeping just white, green, and brown as the colored belt ranks? It seems more reasonable to sort things as "this student is working on intermediate technique and that one is just starting the path." The other advantage is that you could move to a more practical uniform, like white, green, brown, and black t-shirts for indoors and sweaters for outside. :)

Since anyone can maintain psycological impetus for up to 90 days, the times then become something like "3 months as a white belt, 6-9 to learn the basic theory, and 12-18 to integrate the intermediate techniques into ones own physiology." You set the expectation for slow but measured advancement as an individual, not a waist decoration.

Second question; is the belt measuring the art or the person? For example, if another art considers a 1st degree black belt to be the sign of a "serious student", and that person expands their training to taijutsu, what "belt" are they?

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