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Re: Over Confidence

Subject: Re: Over Confidence
by muzosa on 2009/2/8 11:30:03

Random thoughts.

1. While the idea of taking responsibility as a teacher for a "student who dies because of my faulty instruction" sounds laudable, I think it's a blanket statement that pre-supposes that the instructor was faulty in the teaching, rather than the student misunderstanding, misapplying, or simply being contextually unable to do as taught -- any of which are not the teacher's responsibility. If a student dies, I think it can be very difficult to know where to lay the blame.

2. Confidence is not like temperature, where you can set it to an objective level and know that's where it belongs. You adjust your confidence as circumstances change, in the same way that you adjust your evaluation of whether you're "hot" or "cold" according to what you're doing (sprinting vs. cooling down). The temperature hasn't changed, but your evaluation of how the temperature feels to you has changed.

Similarly, in a fight where the participants haven't changed, your feeling about the circumstances change as the fight progresses. Training and experience can place our confidence levels at closer to appropriate levels, but if your opponent turns out to be weaker than you expected, you'll change course in the fight (because you feel more confident) differently than if your opponent turns out to be stronger (and now you feel less confident) than you expected. This is true regardless of whether it's one-on-one or one army versus another.

3. Deception in appearing over-confident or under-confident is surely a standard part of kyojitsu. Our ability to not only manipulate our own confidence levels but to manipulate our opponent's perception of our confidence can be seen in the sanshin and kihon.

That's my ramblings. Interesting discussion.
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