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Over Confidence

Subject: Over Confidence
by Coyote on 2008/12/1 15:26:13

I have been fortunate in my two years of training in the Bujinkan. I have traveled around the U.S. and to Japan. I have met many different students and teachers, and have had to fortune of finding an excellent, practical, and thorough instructor with real life experience.

I enjoy chatting with other martial artists from the Bujinkan as well as other systems, and as of late an issue has been showing itself to me more and more. The problem of overconfidence.

In my discussions with other artists from our system, as well as others, many have it in their minds that they are head and *** above everyone else around. Some I think truly believe that they will never be hit in a real fight; a belief that will likely result in a rude awakening.

I think that there is a reason that a lot of the Sanshin and Koshi Sanpo puts you 45 degrees to the attack on the inside of the opponent. If you get hit in the face, guess where you go most of the time. Have someone hit you with tight left hook from behind and see where you end up. I'll give you a hint, it starts with Ganseki and ends with Nage. Get snap kicked in the side of the abdomen and you'll see Koku pop out pretty quickly. Also don't forget to consider why our strikes (done correctly) typically make people go backwards instead of to the inside 45.

I'm not an instructor, but if I ever have a student I'm going to remember that if they die because of my faulty instruction; that is on me. And Soke says that those who are overconfident are the first to be killed. I've yet to see someone just state this in plain words here, so I thought I'd go ahead and throw it out.

Thanks for reading.
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