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Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness

Subject: Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness
by Philip on 2009/4/15 2:05:41

We have had several memebers "use" the physical aspects of our art to great success. One of the students had a diasability and was able to defend himself. Another escaped a drive-by. These are modern applications, neh?
I actually used a story passed to me by Ed ( I believe)when he related a tale to us about some neighbors on a porch. Instead of escalating the fight, the buyu commented on a sunset. Derailed the fight in the aggressor. I was followed to a parking lot by someone who thought I wronged him on the road. We got out of our cars, I walked up and apologiezed for antagonizing him. He was way out of line, but I was able to de-esculate the situation. I'm comfortable with my taijutsu, but I had to weigh other considerations and a fight would have been the last thing I needed. He accepted the "out" we talked and said good bye. End of conflict. When I was kickboxing, I would have damned the consequences. I have learned a lot of other skills related to the physical aspects of budo and have developed a healthier mindset. That is effectiveness.
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