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Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness

Subject: Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness
by jhealy on 2009/4/16 8:08:56


I do sympathize John with your uncertainty ...

I didn't start this thread because I'm uncertain.


Next I do think this art adapts to the person,

If we change the art to fit ourselves as individuals, are we really practicing the art itself any more than someone is practicing the guitar if he removes the strings and uses the shell as a drum? He may still be making some sort of music and it might even sound good, but he isn't building skill on or even playing the guitar. He's doing his own thing and there's nothing wrong with that as long as he's honest about what he's doing which is PLAYING WITH a guitar - and playing with a guitar is very different from practicing the guitar. It doesn't make him a guitar player. He might as well have been using the guitar as a canoe paddle if his goal was to become a skilled guitar player. I think it's the same with our art.


there are no rigid rules about what must be done, only that it work.

I think this potentially describes high-level application of the art but I don't think it describes the actual learning/practice of an art that has a long and rich history, a documented lineage and has a long list of specific techniques.


I think the "what we do in the Bujinkan" is approach each situation as unique and requiring the ability to adapt directly to it, not follow some prescribed technique. There is no "technique 421".

Sounds good but isn't that the ultimate goal of most non-koryu arts and fighting systems?

What I'm reading in a lot of in the last bunch of posts is the idea that it's the individual practitioners that are or are not effective. Nobody other than Ed seems to be defending the idea that the art itself is more effective than other arts.

If we're all doing our own thing and training in our own ways, does it even make sense to refer to ourselves as practitioners of the art?
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