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Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness

Subject: Re: The Case For Systemic Effectiveness
by mariusz on 2009/4/16 9:10:12


bujincan wrote:

I do sympathize John with your uncertainty ...

I didn't start this thread because I'm uncertain.

so you might as well choose to share your opinion...


I think the "what we do in the Bujinkan" is approach each situation as unique and requiring the ability to adapt directly to it, not follow some prescribed technique. There is no "technique 421".

I humbly believe that the correct technique is vital. Picasso for example had great technique that can be easiest seen by looking at his very early work. The work that he is known for... well most of it that great technique is not obvious for the person who is not used to such kind of art.


What I'm reading in a lot of in the last bunch of posts is the idea that it's the individual practitioners that are or are not effective. Nobody other than Ed seems to be defending the idea that the art itself is more effective than other arts.

I, for one would not waste a single minute of time defending/proving publicly that the art is effective, more effective etc. The reasons for it I suggested in my previous post . But just for the heck of it, I can name at least two arts that form my personal experience I see as equally effective for the modern world: Russian Systema (as taught by Mr Ryabko and Mr Vailiev) and Chen Style Tai Chi (as taught by the lineage Chen Village teachers).


If we're all doing our own thing and training in our own ways, does it even make sense to refer to ourselves as practitioners of the art?

short answer:

longer answer:
if we are doing "each our own thing" - probably no.

However, somehow I have a feeling that we maintain a connection. Either one is lucky to find a teacher who has that connection and shares it or one is not lucky and finds a person who enumerates techniques and spends ALL the time on perfecting how the techniques are executed. Please do not get me wrong I spend a lot of time on basic technical practice and I bother my teacher with some detailed technical questions, but I do not consider it a big deal; it is just the everyday hard work on the "enabling technology" as we call it in the engineering world ...

there is even longer answer but that requires me to get off this forum back to my life hehehe...


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