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Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?

Subject: Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?
by jhealy on 2009/6/19 1:04:16

If you have your certificate from Japan, your new instructor has to accept it.

Some instructors give out unofficial "dojo rank" though, which means you don't have a certificate. If that's the case your new instructor doesn't have to honor it, but often a phone call from your previous instructor (to verify your claim) will do the trick unless your new instructor is overly commercial, power hungry or political. If you only have dojo rank, your best bet is to get your previous instructor to send in for your most recent rank certificate and have it mailed to you, in which case it's official and can't be refused.

That being said, each instructor has his/her own requirements for each level and in some cases they will make you run through their curriculum from the beginning up to your current level before letting you advance in rank, but that doesn't mean you're being stripped of the rank you already have. You can be, for example, a 5th kyu who is working through their 8th kyu curriculum. If your new instructor has "time in rank" requirements, common decency would be to waive that in favor of demonstrated ability until you are working on the material for the level above your current rank.
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