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Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?

Subject: Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?
by jhealy on 2009/6/19 1:54:11

I've seen similar things happen and it's always been with instructors who teach commercially or who hold themselves above their students as "masters".

If you have all of your kyu-level certificates, your new instructor has no right to demote you. He can, however, force you to go through his entire curriculum up to your current level before allowing you to advance.

Things may be done a slightly different way, but the whole "you'll see things here you haven't seen anywhere else" is usually bogus unless the new instructor is mixing in stuff from other arts.

If there is "time in rank" requirements (for example, after getting 9th kyu you need X classes or Y months of training before you're eligible for 8th kyu) and he or she is not willing to waive that in favor of demonstrated competency for the levels below the one you official hold, I'd be suspicious.

There's no reason other than money or ego to treat people like that.
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