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Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?

Subject: Re: Ranking accepted in other dojo?
by Barry on 2009/6/19 4:15:11

This topic brings up several things. Certs from the Hombu can come back with everything on them which takes time for the names, dates, ranks to be filled in at the Hombu; or, you can order the certs without info to be filled in at the training dojo; which I heard is what the Hombu wants. Admin. stated that kyu ranks are not entered in the registry now anyway. And it saves time so the admin. can train and not be bogged down with paper work.
That is one.
Two; Testing and ranking in various dojos in the Bujinkan vary a lot. On one end you have Sandan and Nidan whom have never done the sanshin. Some train for mma type styles and boxing. Some say you should never ever remember the names of the waza from the various ryuha. Some have a list of things you have to know to advance to the next kyu rank; some just say you tried, so you pass. I saw one dojo that wanted you to answer biblical questions before passing you. All say they are Bujinkan.
So yes you may run into a new dojo and because the instructor knows what they teach or don't teach at your old dojo they may want you to start over; or they could just be elitist. Buyer beware.
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