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Re: Is Bujinkan’s credibility eroding?

Subject: Re: Is Bujinkan’s credibility eroding?
by Cuchulain on 2009/10/1 19:35:13


Nakor wrote:

What if what the trainee wants is something that was taught in the past but not taught any more ?

That quote from Doug's blog is being taken slightly out of context here - in the quote, Noguchi Shihan was talking about Soke and the training he offers today, but you've taken it to mean all training at the hombu.

Soke may not teach kihon any more, but there are plenty of other people who do. There are many different yet complementary flavours of our art taught by the various shihan level instructors teaching in Japan. Granted not all of them teach at the hombu dojo, but I'm not aware of anything that was taught in the past that isn't taught today.

It's not all laid out on a menu for you to choose from - you usually get to do whatever the teacher wants to teach - but for example, Noguchi Shihan spent huge amounts of time over the last year cycling and recycling through the Tenchijin Ryaku no Maki and those classes were extremely popular. He may even still be doing that, I don't know.

Some teachers in Japan are also extremely open and welcoming of questions - some even start their classes by asking "what do you want to do?"

Unless you ask for something crazy, you'll probably get to do it. (I've seen people turned down, but usually only because they were asking for really advanced stuff when they were obviously not up to it.)

I think that before adding to or 'modernising' this art a teacher should have exhausted what this art can teach - certainly if they want to market what they are doing as some kind of improvement on the original.

Most people (and I include myself in this) have nowhere near a good enough grasp of the basics to be doing this. It's fairly transparent when it's done though.
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