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Re: Dojo Advice From a Shihan

Subject: Re: Dojo Advice From a Shihan
by rbennett877 on 2011/1/7 5:17:43

The only problem with this is that alot of the people I see training lately really do try to stick to this philosphy. They want to skip all the lessons that have been taught in the "old" days and go straight forward to whats being taught today. The problem is they never learn any foundation and tend to be more like noodle martial artists then actual martial artists. People want to copy Soke and try to do everything he is doing and it just isnt possible. You have to start from the old way of thinking and advance on your own. You just can't teach people timing distance and angle's without first just teaching them how to walk. Wasted movement or not the lessons that were taught were and still are valid and need to be trained. My personal preference is the "old" way of doing things I believe it was alot more effective way of training. Staring off into space with "zen" like eyes doesnt teach you really how to fight.
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