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Love at first sight, feeling at first sight.

Subject: Love at first sight, feeling at first sight.
by Shinoobie on 2010/6/4 19:08:38

Hi all,

I haven't posted in a while but I'm looking for some advice to give a fellow training partner.

I was training with him the other day when he expressed a frustration at his seeming inability to capture the basic form of a technique on the first try. There are a couple of people in class, he argued, that seem to either "get it" on the first try or have a great degree of success on the first try. He has been training one year less than me, being six years in for him.

I told him that the key to my success was to make my movement so that the average third grader could not distinguish my movement from the demo of the technique, and then move from there. That is only partially a joke. Essentially it boils down to attempting the basic movements and discovering my options as I go and the technique usually just falls in my lap. I refine it from there. I make no attempt to analyze the movement until after I try the technique. This was a very unsatisfactory answer to him. I tried explaining that it is possible that the training simply needs more time to soak in for him but does not necessarily mean that he is learning less, or would be less capable of effective application of the training. Again, he was not persuaded.

It is possible that he is simply a slower learner than he would like to be but I doubt this. My experience leads me to believe he is lacking some crucial insight or learning paradigm that would give him the ability he desires.

At first glance one would think that the ability to intuitively recognize the important pieces in a movement would just come with time but he has almost the same amount of time in the Bujinkan as I do. I would argue that you don't need to intuitively recognize the important parts of the movement to successfully perform the technique.

With my current understanding I appear to be less than useful in guiding him to the correct fix for his problem. Any suggestions for my friend? What helps YOU to quickly identify and implement the effectiveness of a technique shown?
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