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Re: spiritual training and kihon happo

Subject: Re: spiritual training and kihon happo
by Darren on 2011/3/14 2:43:05


benkyoka wrote:

Darren wrote:
I'll see what I can throw together and get it posted soon... And, I'm sure I'll get my taijutsu/kamae/etc picked apart by armchair budoka - that's ok, I can take it!

You write about movement on the Internet quite often. Are you an armchair budoka?

LOL - no... Movement/taijutsu is my primary focus of training, so it's what I prefer to discuss when on forums. Considering this art is best learned through personal experience on the mat, writing about it is a challenge and interesting exercise for me. I try to put these things into words, sometimes fairly well, sometimes not, and sometimes I may even contradict myself as my understanding evolves. Either way, it's my contribution and method for putting my thoughts/experiences into words. People can decide to consider or ignore them. I personally don't care.

Anybody is welcome to train with me, as being able to explore movement in person is certainly my preferred method. Considering I train pretty often per week with many great people, there are ample opportunities for anybody to come and train with me if they think my 'talk the talk' is greater than my 'walk the walk'...
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