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Re: Kihon training

Subject: Re: Kihon training
by Jon on 2010/9/16 17:12:50


markspada wrote:

So....let me see if I got this right....

You inexplicably decided to stop your hardcore, arduous training session that we must presume you were engaged in at the time in order to see what was happening on Kutaki and decided to lower yourself to our level in order to explain to us the importance of behaving as, how did you put it...."gentlemen".

Thanks, buddy.

Perhaps Kutaki and other forums like it should be shut down entirely so as to ensure no further distractions from your pursuit of the warrior ways of enlightenment.

That gentlemanly enough in your opinion?

- Mark Spada

I appologize for any confusion brought about on my part, but I was not refering to 'our' or 'us' when I made my comment. I was refering to those few, like yourself, who seem to feel the need to comment in a deconstructive manner on other members in the forum. Maybe taking some frustration out on a punching bag or something similar would be a better outlet. As I'm sure many other members would prefer that the discussions on this site stay on a constructive path, unlike so many other martial arts forums. Though I do not presume to speak on anyone else's behalf.

You're welcome. We're all human and we all have our moments.

Perhaps... though I enjoy reading other peoples perspectives occasionally when I'm at work.

Yes, that was a much better attempt Mark, I appreciate your concern. I think that being a gentleman is one of Soke's most important teachings.
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