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Re: Bushin Wa?

Subject: Re: Bushin Wa?
by jhealy on 2010/10/16 0:59:35


... considering it bad manners to disagree with those who are seniors is a big part of Japanese Budo.

Agreed, but to be fair we need to compare apples to apples. Most other arts have a consistent, objective and reasonable set of criteria for granting rank and therefore seniority within the art.

In what other Japanese martial art do you have any chance at all of finding a solid san dan with 12 years of consistent practice attending a weekend seminar and being taught sloppy made up techniques by a group of judan and above, some of whom have been training for less than 10 years and some of whom have less technical skill than that san dan?

I think people on the whole are respectful of actual seniority. For example, most of us recognize and respect the seniority of the Japanese Shihan. That's real seniority though. It's not based on a meaningless number.
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