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Re: The Shuriken Thread

Subject: Re: The Shuriken Thread
by g'inger on 2011/5/31 2:55:46

I'm not regular enough to Japan to have gotten any direct instruction so base my throwing on taijutsu, as per Zenigata description, and other sources (Quest dvd's, bujinkan seminar conversations etc).

I've come up with some useful training ideas over the years (bo-shuriken):

- always start half a tatami from the target and work your way back, half-a-tatami each time, but only after 10 "successful throws"... this helps to gain the focus mentioned above

- use the outstretched hand, like in sanshin, as a "sight" and the throwing hand, as in sanshin, reaches for this sight...

- I've seen palm facing forward to throw the shuriken but I prefer palm to the side (like shuto) as i think it works better for off-angle thows (like to the side, as in hira kamae)

- I show my students these things but only after they're with me a year, and i always do it before the main class and always say "this is not bujinkan, but uses taijutsu and is good for your focus"

- I use layered cardboard boxes and insist on eye protection and use vertical tatami to surround the target,

- i throw tatami darning needles (gotten on my first Japan trip 2004) and various shuriken from the web
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