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Re: A question about questions

Subject: Re: A question about questions
by NYorker on 2013/6/12 15:37:04

"Shut up and train." is one of Soke's (and Nagato's) most well-known quotes.

I strongly recommend you limit your questions/comments to before class, during the break, or after class. Don't let your limited time over there turn into a Q&A session, they won't be able to devote that much time to any one particular student in a class of 50+ anyway. I've seen them lose patience (without losing their cool) with students talking too much and detracting from the actual training. Especially in a room full of people who traveled from all over the world to get the hands-on experience in person.

Soke even says directly to everyone that he is teaching on the Shihan level and everyone else won't really understand at this point. He says it pretty often too, probably to remind everyone who seem frustrated that they should not be discouraged. "Just keep going." ~ Nagato at end of class (Nov.2010)

Let your body learn by doing, you gotta miss some shots before you can hit the bulls-eye all day.
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