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Re: New student requesting some information.

Subject: Re: New student requesting some information.
by benkyoka on 2014/1/13 10:52:10


kweaver wrote:
Most martial arts techniques (regardless of the system) are not meant to be applied against resistance. Like anything else in life, if you have have to force it, it is probably wrong. Combative sports (MMA) often work on the "over come" basis. Martial arts use openings, weak points in armor, defense, or balance to apply just enough energy in precicely the right way to achieve their goal. Otherwise, it makes as much sense as repeatedly running into a wall hard enough and long enough to make a door, when there is an open window right there.

The aspect of training you seem to be asking about, the application under stress, has less to do about making the tachniques work against direct resistance (forcing a joint lock when they are fighting it) and more to do about learning to find the weak points and exploit them under stress. The best way to do this is repeatly and slowly to teach your body to feel them. These arts have been around a long time. They way they are taught is tried and true. Trust in this and be patient.

I think you're mentioning the top level resulting from dedicated training over a ridiculously long period of time. This notion is fairly modern. Most practitioners of arts like this, using them during the period in time when they were most used, didn't have the luxury of training for a one in a million chance they had to use it. Instead, the had to trek out into the battlefield with whatever small amount of training they had. The strongest survived and, if lucky, got to refine technique long after their fighting days were done.

You're right, though. These arts have been around for a long time, but if you think they are being taught now like they were then you may be fooling yourself. The top level of Kukishin for example, has you perform certain techniques against random attacks forcing you to find a way to get that technique applied. I don't recall seeing that type of training recently
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